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2013 Hidradenitis Suppurativa Symposium

January 28, 2013: The HS Institute hosted its second annual HS symposium in Cleveland, Ohio for regional dermatologists, gynecologists and plastic surgeons. Discussed were current concepts of pathogenesis and advanced concepts of ongoing care for patients with HS.

Drs. Paul Hazen, Shaza Daoud and Brandie Styron gave presentations on the recognition and treatment of HS. The Institute plans to hold this symposium each year for those in the medical community looking to increase their knowledge of the disease. Ask your physician to look into attending the next symposium in 2014!

Click to enlarge image HS-Symposium-2.jpg Dr. Hazen lecture Dr. Hazen lecture

Click to enlarge image HS-Symposium-3.jpg Dr. Daoud lecture Dr. Daoud lecture

Click to enlarge image HS-Symposium.jpg Dr. Styron, Dr. Daoud, and Dr. Hazen Dr. Styron, Dr. Daoud, and Dr. Hazen

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