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About HSI

Mission Statement: The mission and goals of the HS Institute are to provide first-class compassionate care, to act as a resource for education for patients, physicians, and the general community, and to foster research into the causes and treatments for the disease.









health care found in greater Cleveland. All of the participating physicians are associated with at least one of the major medical institutions including the Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals at Case-Western Reserve University, and MetroHealth Medical Center.


Since HS primarily affects skin, the principal caregivers are Dermatologists: Paul G. Hazen, MD, Julie Diegelmann, PA-C, Valerie Dailey, PA-C, and Darla Hadden, PA-C. Consulting experts in the fields of Plastic Surgery, General Surgery, Gynecology, and Internal Medicine/Endocrinology have been included as part of the care-giving team for patients in need of special focus.

Goals of therapy are to be able to provide care for all levels of severity of HS, including both medical and surgical management. Medical therapy is geared at controlling current lesions, and preventing new areas. Surgery may be useful where there is persistence of lesions in spite of medical management. The additional specific goal of surgical treatment is, where appropriate, to be able to carry out the procedure in an outpatient setting, using local anesthesia. Such care is designed to minimize patient and insurance costs, reduce surgical risks, improve patient comfort postoperatively, reduce the incidence of infection and recurrence, and return the patient to a normal lifestyle as rapidly as possible.

An additional goal of the Institute is to provide a resource for teaching – patients, physicians, and the community in general – about the nature of the condition.  Through greater awareness and understanding will come better therapies.

Finally, the Institute will also continue to serve as an organization devoted to continuing research into the causes and new therapies for the condition. As our understanding grows, so should the effectiveness of our care. The Institute hopes to remain at the forefront of such efforts.

Hidradenitis Suppurativa Institute Office in Westlke,Ohio

The Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) Institute was founded in 2011 to recognize the need for a center devoted to the care of this condition. Based in Westlake, Ohio and located in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, it is part of the medical “Circle of Excellence” in

The Hidradenitis Suppurativa Institute (HSI) has been created to advance the understanding and management of HS.  In spite of the fact that hidradenitis suppurativa affects about 1% to 4% of the population, the condition is frequently misdiagnosed, and inadequatly treated. The physicians and nurses with the HS Institute are dedicated to improving all facets of the disease.

Dr Paul Hazen Hidradenitis Suppurativa Istitute
Dr. Paul G. Hazen, M.D.

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